Monthly Seminars

Sunday 26th May

The Removal of Fear, and Attainment of Happiness

In life we immerse ourselves in the identity filled with the belief that the more we create and accumulate, the more our security will be heightened, eventually...

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Saturday 1st June

Relax more, Stress Less

We sleep to repair our bodies. The body has been active and using up it’s resources all throughout the day, so whilst resting, the body has a...

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Saturday 6th July

Unlock Your Inner Freedom

In the modern world, we may have freedom of speech and the freedom to make certain lifestyle choices; who we have as friends and partners, where we...

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Saturday 3rd August

Grow Your Mind

Real growth comes out of as a change in perspective and attitude. This happens naturally, for example, when we begin to think about ourselves from the perspective...

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