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Tuesday Talks

Tuesday 19th November

Life is a Sport

Habits are like a sport. Repeatedly doing something becomes natural to our life. If we play any sport like tennis, we need to incorporate new techniques to…

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Tuesday 26th November

Pilgrimage of Love

When people go on a pilgrimage with love then they will not be put off by the distance they have to travel, hurdles they face and most…

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Tuesday 3rd December

Mind the Gap

In life, we have come to recognise the phrase “Mind the Gap”. In terms of our self development the gap between failure and success is “doubt”. Doubt…

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Tuesday 10th December

Life’s Curveballs

When life throws us a curve ball, are we ready for the unexpected? All we can do at that point is to take a deep breath and…

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Tuesday 17th December

Love and Forgiveness

Each one of us is capable of so much more than we currently believe possible. A key principle to remain light and stable in relationships is to…

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