Tuesday Talks

Tuesday 16th July

Going with the Flow

The question to ask isn’t ‘How do we find the flow?’ It is ‘How do we unblock the flow?’ we are the flow. We are energy. This...

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Tuesday 23rd July

Conflict Resolution

There is one thing that can change people, the power of love and silence. We cannot make anyone to understand their behavior. They have to do that...

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Tuesday 30th July

Essential Wellness

Thought is a very powerful energy and it is the currency of the mind. Often we have to examine the thoughts in our mind and identify which...

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Tuesday 6th August

Energy Management

When we lose ourselves in a task then there is the danger of losing our awareness leading to exhaustion or in extreme cases burn out. Any action...

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Tuesday 13th August

Healing Power of the Mind

Our mind creates our thoughts and feelings. When these are not in harmony with the qualities and values of our inner self we become distressed and this...

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Tuesday 20th August

Nurturing the Self

When we look back at our life,  in the process of getting where we are today what have we neglected, and what have we been nurturing? When...

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Tuesday 27th August

Mind Over Matter

We always strive for something in our life and the popular thinking is once we reach our goal we will be happy. The fulfillment outside once not...

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