Conflict Resolution

  • Tuesday 23rd July

  • 7:30 pm - 8:45 pm

There is one thing that can change people, the power of love and silence. We cannot make anyone to understand their behavior. They have to do that for themselves. The power of my silence can be like a mirror though for the other person to realise themselves.  We should not have familiarity in the relationships. When there is familiarity, people push and make one small and insignificant. We need to maintain a certain distance around another person to have self-respect and dignity. If there has been conflict with someone we have to put it right. It is not enough to stop doing the wrong behavior. From the moment we understood what we did wrong we have to do the opposite to that to correct the wrong. But, at the same time as resolving conflict with others, I need to first understand what is going on within the self.


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