Relax more, Stress Less

  • Saturday 1st June

  • 10:30 am - 1:00 pm

We sleep to repair our bodies. The body has been active and using up it’s resources all throughout the day, so whilst resting, the body has a chance to repair and be relaxed. How often we give our mind time to relax and unwind? How can I relax my mind?  To relax the mind we have to think  only thoughts which are beneficial to us. We have the choice to think stressful  or positive and the action that follows will be according to the thoughts we chose. Once our thoughts are stress free and relaxed, we can then change our attitude. When we have waste thoughts we need to accept that they are repetitive thoughts and it is the one which is making us stressed. We are alone inside our own heads, with our own thoughts, stressing about everything. We filter what we see through our own life experiences. Understanding this dynamics in respect to our thinking we can relax more and stress less.


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